Project Runway Season 12

Miranda Levy topOnce again that time of year has come around, a new season of Project Runway is upon us and there’s no longer a gaping hole in my weekend television-viewing schedule. It seems only five minutes since season 11, when Michelle Lesniak Franklin took the Runway crown, and even though I’ve watched a whole series of the Great British Sewing Bee in between, there’s no escaping the fact that it just doesn’t have a patch on the real deal that is Miranda Levy dressProject Runway!

My favourites so far? From the short portfolios available to view on the My Lifetime website, it’s got to be ex-army-mechanic Miranda Levy, who designed the bright, floral blouse up top and the Timothy Westbrook dollpolka dot dress to the right, or 24-year-old Timothy Westbrook who, so far in his career, only seems to have made it as far as making clothes for his dolls and prom dresses for his sister (see left). I believe he own his own fashion studio, but evidence to the contrary is yet to be presented!

The new season begins in the US on July 18th, so there’s plenty of time for me to continue browsing the online portfolios before I can download it and watch here in the UK. In the meantime I’ll be busy reading Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible and trying to Make it Work!

Miranda Levy tweetEdit: a big thank you to Miranda Levy who tweeted my post about Project Runway to her followers! If I was Heidi Klum (and heck, I wish I was) I’d definitely be putting her through to Fashion Week…


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