The Great British Sewing Bee Tea Dress (Stage 2)

Great-British-Sewing-Bee-Tea-DressPreviously, I wrote a post about the Great British Sewing Bee tea dress that I was planning to make. I’d spent a good hour or so on Stage 1: cutting out the pattern and sellotaping it together, and had just begun Stage 2: the hunt for a suitable fabric with which to make the dress.

Well, I’ve spent quite a lot of hours since then browsing the internet trying to find a material that both has the look and the composition I’m looking for. The pattern says to use a synthetic silk, yet the internet only seems to provide this in boring block-colours. However, thanks to all your lovely comments and a Tweet from the Remnant House fabric shop, I soon learnt that I could broaden my horizons and begin looking for cottons, poplins and viscoses instead.Liberty fabric

The result? This beautiful, beautiful Liberty London tana lawn, blue-red-and-white, ‘Meadow’ print cotton. I actually bought my 2m length on eBay at half the cost of buying it from the actual Liberty store. The only problem is that the seller doesn’t have it in stock until his next delivery in August! Stage 3, therefore, is to wait patiently for my fabric to arrive. As soon as it does I can start cutting the material (shock horror) according to the pattern! I really hope I don’t get it wrong…
bloggers(In other news – I was a featured blog on the homepage this week! You can click the thumbnail on the left to see me in all my glory, so to speak.)


2 thoughts on “The Great British Sewing Bee Tea Dress (Stage 2)

  1. Been looking for tips on how to do this dress (I only have the free pattern and no instructions) just wondered if you finished it and if so how it went.


    • Hey – unfortunately I never got round to making this dress because the fabric I ordered never arrived! Thank you for reminding me to re-add it to my to-do list. I hope yours goes ok x


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