Quilted Coaster Set

quilted coastersQuilted coasters: something every stitcher’s household needs, right? I spotted the idea for these quilted coasters on the Martha Stewart website and decided that they would be the perfect present for two of my best friends’ birthdays. I would’ve loved to keep them for my own living room, but I came to the conclusion that my place in society is well above the need for stashing away other people’s presents for myself… anyway, the added bonus is that they’re also very post-friendly, weighing in at a hefty 25g per set, so I really have no reason to hang onto them.

quilted coaster setI made the coasters by cutting out two, 5 inch square pieces of matching fabric and a 4 inch square of thin wadding to go in the middle. I sewed the two pieces right-sides together, turned it right-way round and then slip-stitched the wadding inside. I then used my sewing machine to quilt the coasters, using contrasting thread, in a concentric-square pattern at intervals of around 1cm.

I made 4 matching, quilted coasters for each set: after all, no one needs more than 4 drinks on the go at one time, do they? I tied up my little coaster sets using some red raffia and attached one of my ‘Handmade by Louise’ labels that I recently had made too.

Happy Birthday Laura and Kate – I hope you enjoy your new coasters as much as I enjoyed making them!


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