Découpage Mug & Brush Holder

decoupage mugDécoupage: the technique of decorating a surface with paper cutouts. This craft is, simply put, papier-maché for grown-ups. I’ve done the odd bit of it before at Brownie camp but nothing worth shouting about and, as with a lot of things, I’ve had a découpage set hanging around in the craft cupboard for a while. And today I thought I’d have a go at it; I mean, how hard can it be? Plus my make-up brushes keep falling off my dresser and I need somewhere nice to put them.

Well, let’s just say that although the end result looks pretty good, this craft isn’t very…. house-friendly. I found it quite relaxing, tearing up bits of paper and PVA-gluing them to my mug with a tiny paintbrush. I even managed to watch some of the French Open whilst I was doing it. And that’s when disaster struck.

It turns out that glue makes everything quite sticky: something I found out when I picked up the mug, which had attached itself to the newspaper protecting my table, which had the pot of PVA sat on top of it…. let’s just say that my living room rug is now in the wash. Au revoir découpage, I’ll come back to you another day…


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