Mini Lavender Mice

lavender miceAs with the rag doll I made previously, I’ve had this little mouse pattern hanging around in my pattern folder for a fair while. So, at 8.30am this morning, I decided to finally make one. Meet Giles!

The mouse is made of one piece of scrap fabric sewn into a triangular shape, with a piece of blue cord for his tale, blue felt for his ears and some black embroidery thread for his eyes and whiskers. And to be honest, it was really easy! You can find the pattern to make your own mini mouse right here.

The hardest part was trying to get the dried lavender inside such a tiny space – however, I’ve since been to the ‘stuff shop’ in town and bought myself a plastic funnel, which I’m sure will speed up the process no-end should I decide to make any more!

By the way – don’t be concerned by the size of the mouse in the picture, my Eiffel tower is no where near a scale model…


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