Review & Make: Sew! by Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Sew!I’ve harped on about this book so much since I started sewing that I’m beginning to think I need to consider approaching Cath Kidston about some sort of commission agreement. Seriously though: it’s a great book. Buy it.

Sew! by Cath Kidston is the first sewing book I ever bought. I remember going to Waterstones and choosing it (partly because it’s full of flowery house things and partly because it comes with a free DIY shoulder bag kit) and I’ve honestly never looked back.

I’ve nearly made every single project from the book – including a couple of pairs of oven gloves, several cushions, a heart-shaped pin cushion, a patchwork knitting bag, an apron  and a Kindle cover. For a novice seamstress like myself, I’ve found the patterns incredibly easy to follow (particularly because the book comes with a free pull-out pattern sheet) and also incredibly desirable. The projects in this book are fun to make and are actually things you’d want to use around the house. Other sewing books I’ve come across aren’t so alluring – a whole book of ‘mug rugs‘, anyone?

Cath Kidston bagThe book even comes with all the Cath Kidston material needed to make the shoulder bag on the cover. Despite buying the book 3 years ago, I’ve only just got round to making the bag this spring bank holiday. The instructions are included as one of the patterns in the book and, as I discovered today, the project uses almost every sewing skill under the sun. It’s a great way to learn all the basics (t-junction seams, button holes and rouleau loops included) but an absolute nightmare if you’re not very good with fiddly details. Even after 3 years of sewing practice I found this particular bag to be a challenge.

However, Sew! by Cath Kidston is definitely a book I’d recommend to newbie stitchers and established Sewing Bee contestants alike. If you’re looking to learn new techniques or just polish those you’ve got, this book will help you on your way. Plus it’s a good excuse to head to the fabric department of Cath Kidston‘s shop without feeling guilty too (even better when they’ve got a sale on!).

4 thoughts on “Review & Make: Sew! by Cath Kidston

  1. Sounds great, I’ve been looking for a book to get back into stitching with projects I’d actually be willing to make. This one sounds like a winner!


    • Yeah I’d definitely recommend it! As a first-time sewer I was sceptical about any sewing books being ‘suitable’ but this one surprised me! I started off with the pin cushion, needle case and plain panelled cushion and progressed from there 🙂


    • Amazon have it at a great price too! It’s a lovely book… I even enjoy just reading through it and looking at the pictures! And the projects look great in any fabric, not just CK… 🙂


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