Good Golly Miss Dolly

ragdoll 1It’s a remarkably, sunny Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK and I can’t think of anything better than using the first day of it to make my very own rag doll (alright, maybe I can, but I’ve had the whole day home alone and I needed a friend). When I first began sewing a few years back, my grandma gave me this pattern from a magazine (Woman’s Weekly, I believe) and told me it would be fun to make – a whole day later, it turns out she was right!

And who wouldn’t want to make their very own Molly Dolly? With her colourful hair-bows, gathered skirt and teeny ballet pumps, she’sthe perfect companion for any girl of any age. Including me.

rag doll pattern

The pattern wasn’t too difficult to follow – it involved cutting out lots and lots of pattern pieces in different fabrics and then sewing them altogether in a not-overly-confusing fashion alongside a bit of toy stuffing. It’s a good little project for using up all those odds and ends of your favourite fabrics too! I quite enjoyed making her little polka dot shoes and tying purple ribbons in her hair. Clearly I haven’t yet grown up (and, to be frank, why would I want to?). I’m sure it won’t be long before she has a sister…

rag dollrag doll shoesrag doll back


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