Chitas de Alcobaça

portuguese fabricThis weekend my taller-other-half and I go to the Algarve in Portugal for our week’s summer holiday. I can’t wait, so in preparation I decided to do some research into local cloths that I might be able to source for future stitching!

Chita de Alcobaça is a traditional 15th-18th century Portuguese fabric (originally from India) that uses a myriad of colour, stripes and floral/fruit/bird motifs to represent its Indo-European heritage. Each pattern has a name and there are many different patterns in varying colours and designs. I’ve tried to find out more information on WHY this fabric is so popular in Portugal but Google doesn’t seem to present me with many answers… can anyone help me out with this?

portuguese roosterThe other option is for me to focus solely on the infamous Galo de Barcelos (Portuguese rooster) design that’s also all over the place. Legend has it that the rooster (whilst dead) intervened in a court case and proved the innocence of a falsely accused man… In fact, I think I’d rather focus on this guy anyway, he look so much more fun than flowers and stripes!

I guess I’ll see what I can find whilst I’m over there…


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