Felt Japanese Cherry Blossom

felt cherry blossomAround the same time every year, the people of Japan lie in wait for the first blossom of the season to bloom. It’s called hanami – or flower viewing – and is an incredibly significant event. Every year the Japanese meteorological association tracks the front of warm weather (known as the sakura zensen, or cherry blossom front) as it moves across the country and even gives daily updates alongside the evening weather forecast. The blooms only last for a week or two, so taking precious photographs of the sakura (cherry blossom) is a notable occasion: thousands of people are known to take to the streets in order to celebrate nature at its best.

For my own miniature sakura matsuri celebration I decided to do something a bit crafty. I live in the UK, where spring hasn’t quite sprung yet, and so the presence of actual, real-life blossom is somewhat lacking. This time last year I was in Paris: the streets of which looked even more cherry blossom stringpicturesque when lined with trees filled with pretty, pink flowers. This year, however, I’m in the North of England and so felt cherry blossoms will have to suffice!

felt flowers tutorialTo make the felt Japanese cherry blossom:

  • Cut out 4 small petal shapes in felt.
  • Use a needle to thread a piece of cotton through the base of each petal, doing a couple of stitches on each. Don’t do the stitches too tight and be sure to leave a length of thread at each end.
  • Hold both ends of the cotton and carefully pull the thread tight so that the petals gather together.
  • Tie the ends of the cotton in a tight knot.
  • There you have it! You could make a few felt flowers and then string them together, applique them onto a cushion or make them into little brooches!

Happy hanami!

4 thoughts on “Felt Japanese Cherry Blossom

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