The Finished Patchwork Knitting Bag

patchwork knitting bagA while ago I wrote a post about the 120 hexagons of fabric and paper I was cutting out and stitching together in order to make a patchwork knitting bag. Now, a few weeks (alright, a few months) later, the end has been reached and I have one, completed knitting bag! Applaud if you will.

Once all the hexagons had been sewn by hand and in the right order – allow about 10 weeks for this –  the next job was to make the lining. As the external patchwork of the bag has more colours than a double rainbow, I decided to keep the inside simple and just use a plain, inside the knitting bagpink linen fabric. I also bought some round, plastic, wood-a-like handles from eBay that give the finished knitting bag a nice, homely touch and make it look more like the photo in the pattern!

Although I’ve been moaning about how difficult the hexagons are to sew together, it was actually the lining that proved to be the hardest part. The Cath Kidston knitting bag pattern is incredibly clear, with diagrams, right through all the patchwork-making stages. Once it’s time to cut, stitch and attach the lining, however, there are 2 bullet points, no pictures and the instructions may as well be in Russian. If you’re also stuck on this part, I recommend viewing this thread on the Sewing Forum which proved to be very useful.

And so, 12 weeks from the date of inception: my patchwork knitting bag is finished (and already full too…)!

9 thoughts on “The Finished Patchwork Knitting Bag

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  2. I’ve spent hours doing the outside but cannot for the life of me work out how to do the lining…I tried the link you suggested but cannot find anything useful…could you help explain how I do it please? I love the look of the patchwork and it is very frustrating that I can’t finish it!!


      • Hey there – the lining really caused me a lot of trouble too! I can’t remember exactly how I did it as it was quite a while ago now, but I think the comment from that link that I found the most useful was from the person that said ‘just cut and sew the main bag pieces in your lining fabric and sandwich together when you add the top facing.’ Is that any help? Good luck!


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