Queen of Hearts

string of heartsNever one to be sat doing nothing, probably for fear of wasting my life away or perhaps just as a nervous disposition, I always like to be looking for little projects to be getting on with. This includes knitting woolly hearts in those quiet moments at work and sticking lace to tea light holders just to pass 5 minutes on a lonely Saturday afternoon.

Anyway, one sunny evening this week I found myself in this exact predicament and so made this little string of felt hearts to hang on the living room door handle. I’d seen a similar project on Pinterest and, since I have recently bought myself a new pair of pinking shears from eBay, thought that this would be the perfect little project on which to test them out. And boy are they sharp.

felt heartsI cut out 10 hearts in 5 different colours of felt, put two of them back-to-back and stitched around the edges with matching embroidery thread. I left a gap on one side of each heart so I could stuff it with wadding and make it a bit more 3D. I also left a string of embroidery thread at the point of each heart so that I could string them all together later on.

When stringing the felt hearts together I chose to thread a few heart-shaped beads out of my craft box onto the embroidery thread and at the end of the bottom heart to give it a bit more weight.

What do you think? This is a very easy craft to do and is great for using up scraps of felt. I’m considering making several more to hang on all the other door handles around the house! Perhaps I should try a different shape next time?


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