Make Your Own Easter Eggs

easter eggsThis post isn’t about sewing (sorry) but about the Easter egg making kit I have recently inherited. Over the past few weeks, my family-in-law have been tidying out my grandma-in-law’s house and have come across a treasure trove of retro memorabilia. They all know what I’m like and so, very kindly, have been saving me all sorts of vintage bits and pieces to make use of. This make-your-own Easter egg kit happens to be one of them!

easter egg kitInside the little stamped and addressed cardboard box I found some plastic egg moulds, an instruction booklet and some pieces of patterned foil.Β The instructions pretty much read ‘paint the inside of the moulds with chocolate, leave to set and wrap in the foil provided’. EASY. Easter is going to be a breeze this year…

chocolate eggsSo, I melted my Sainsbury’s milk chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water, dipped in my pastry brush and set to work painting the inside of the little egg moulds. Stage one; paint the moulds: complete. I did a few layers of chocolate, leaving it to cool in the fridge in between each one, and then popped the finished egg halves out. Stage two; let the chocolate set: complete.

I joined the two halves of the eggs together using a bit more melted chocolate, left them in the fridge for as long as I could wait for and then set towards wrapping them in the foil. So far so good. However, wrapping very delicate, spherical chocolate eggs in foil is much harder than it looks: for a start, how do the professionals get the foil so smooth? A few attempts later and I’m none the wiser. A bit of clever Easter staging (see photo above) seems to have solved the problem. I knew there was a reason why I’d been hoarding those fluffy Easter chicks for all these years!


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