Lace Tea Light Holders

lace tea lightsI never used to be a fan of candles until we bought our house yet, since then, they’ve become almost a necessity for the coffee table. I started to those buy candles that come in glass holders – you know, the Glade or Airwick varieties – and have since found myself with a rapidly-growing collection of nicely-shaped, glass jars that I just can’t bear to throw out. For now they’re on top of the bookcase with a tea light in each one, yet I can’t help but think these little glass votive holders have the potential to be so much more….

lace votiveThe solution? Head to Pinterest and see what everyone else is doing, of course! The result was lots of photographs of candle holders covered in lace – black lace and white lace – for wedding table decorations and for around the home. I have a whole box full of lace on my craft shelf. This is easy!

All I did was cut my piece of lace to size, attached a small amount of double-sided tape to the back of the glass, wrapped the lace around and fixed it in place. I also put some little glass beads in the bottom of some of the candle holders to give them an extra bit of sparkle when lace tea lightsthe candle is lit.

I think this craft took me the whole of 5 minutes and the finished product looks so much better than just plain Β glass- I can’t wait to see what they look like in the dark!


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