Battersea Cattery Kitty Cushions

Battersea kittenEvery year, Battersea’s cattery prepares itself for an influx of kittens as pregnant cats and unwanted kittens find their way into the charity’s care. This is clearly a big issue, and so the famous animal home has been asking for help from sewers in order to make comfy Kitty Cushions for their new residents to sleep on. I am both a cat-lover and a sewer, so if there was ever the ideal project for me, then this is it.

kitty cushionsThe pattern for the Kitty Cushions is incredibly simple and just requires three pieces of fabric, a layer of wadding and a piece of ribbon. There’s even a printable kitty emblem to appliqué onto the front if you wish (which you can print off by clicking here). For my cushion I used plain, cream cotton for the back and pieces of cream, brushed cotton and leopard print velour for the front (super cosy for a little kitten). I also used gold ribbon for the loop to hang it up.

To make the kitty cushion:

  1. Sew together two pieces of fabric to make the cushion front so it measures 52 x 36cm plus seam allowance.
  2. Press the central seam then iron on the kitty shape (if using).
  3. Take the backing fabric and place with the front, right sides together. Pin the piece of ribbon at the top left hand side to be sewn into the seam. Sew round the cushion leaving a small gap at the bottom. Turn the cushion to the right side and press.
  4.  Place the piece of wadding inside the cushion and sew the gap closed. Stitch a top stitch round the outside edge of the cushion, and stitch several vertical rows of running stitch to hold the wadding in place.

And, when you’ve finished, pop it in the post (or drop it off in person) with a little handwritten note addressed to:

2013-01-12 18.21.55

Kitty Cushion Appeal,
Battersea Cats and Dogs Home
4 Battersea Park Road


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