cath kidston button factoryIt’s one of those days after Christmas where there isn’t really much to do other than spread out all your presents on the floor and look over them one-by-one. I’ve got the day off work and, because I’ve not done anything crafty since before Christmas, I decided to try something new. I made a few Christmas crafts for presents over the holidays but can’t blog about those yet because not everyone has received their gifts!

The ‘something new’ that I chose was button making. For my birthday 3 weeks ago my (favourite) Auntie bought me the Cath Kidston Button Factory, filled with Cath Kidston fabric, metal buttons and a button punch.

cath kidston buttonsThis box is great and the buttons are super easy to make. All you do is cut a circle of fabric, place it in the punch alongside a metal button and push down as hard as you can to seal it all together. Admittedly I’m not that strong so I had to have a bit of help from the hammer, but this little craft is the quickest thing I’ve ever done. Within seconds I already had 3, finished, Cath Kidston buttons to sew onto my cushions. Amazing!


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