Dolly Peg Angels

dolly peg angelI’ve opened three doors on the Advent calendar, we’ve put up our first Christmas tree and I’ve watched Disney’s A Christmas Carol: it’s clear that Christmas has definitely arrived chez-nous. We even went on a shopping trip with work this morning to buy lots of tacky decorations for the office. I now have a festive lava lamp and some fake, felt snow on my desk.

Anyway, amongst others, dolly peg angels are one of the handmade Christmas decorations I’ve decided to make this year. These are something I used to make when I was little and, I’m happy to say, are just as fun to make 15-20 years on.

All you need to do is adorn a wooden, dolly peg with paper doilies and white lace. I made a pleated fan from half a doily to create the wings and stuck on some yellow wool for hair. I even managed to find a peg that already had a smiley face drawn on from last time I (or my sisters) decided to create peg angels!

Toilet roll angelThe angel I made now hangs proudly near the top of our Christmas tree and I plan to make a few more when I get chance. Give it a go – it’s a great first time craft!

I’d also like to give a quick shout-out to my sister’s toilet roll angel – inspired by my very own toilet roll nativity scene


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