My Patchwork Table Runner

This weekend I made a lovely, patchwork table runner for the dining table in our house. We often find ourselves with nowhere to put the plate of garlic bread, bottle of ketchup or dishes of fajita ingredients so a table runner was an absolute essential.

Our dining table is also solid oak and the last thing I want is a burnt-on ring from a hot plate that’ll remind us of that night we had coriander naan bread forever.

To make the table runner, I measured the length of my table and decided on a suitable width. I picked some colour co-ordinating fabrics (I went for neutral colours with a blue and pink tones) and then cut enough patchwork squares to fit the length of the table. I didn’t use a pattern for this, I just cut the fabric according to how much of it I had in the first place. I also quite like the way the squares are less regimented and are all different sizes instead.

I sewed them all together into a long strip, cut a long piece of neutral cream fabric for the backing, and then sewed both strips right sides together (leaving a gap at one end so I could turn it from being inside out into the right way round).

To prevent the table runner from simply looking like a giant pillowcase, I also quilted the fabric along each of the patchwork seams and did a border in blue cotton all the way around the edge. And that’s it! I think it looks pretty good – and it was much cheaper than buying one. Perhaps I should make a more festive table runner next so I can change with the seasons?


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