Felt Christmas Decorations, round 2

Not content with my robin, and determined to add to my homemade Christmas stash, this afternoon I decided to have a go at making a couple more felt decorations. And this time I would do things differently.

Previously, I hand stitched all around the edge of my felt shapes. Whilst this gives a good effect and is a lovely hand-sewing project, this time round I thought I’d have a go using my machine.

And the proof is in the Christmas pudding: this method was a lot more successful. The photo shows the pudding (complete with green ric rac and red button garnish) and a Christmas tree (with red gingham ribbon and a string of gold sequins for tinsel and a gold button for a star). Now these are decorations I’ll be proud to hang on my very first Christmas tree this year.


4 thoughts on “Felt Christmas Decorations, round 2

  1. I love them, I made my own decorations last year, and there’s something so special about seeing them hanging up. Makes it totally worth it!


  2. Thank you! I need to get a move on and make a few more though, otherwise our Christmas tree will be very minimalist this year haha. I like the idea of making a few every year and adding to the collection.


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