Too Early for Christmas Cards?

It’s the end of September and there are 3 months to go until that big day where everyone eats too many Heroes chocolates, the day where everyone argues over the dinner table about how many pigs in blankets so-and-so has had and the day where everyone complains about the awful comedians they’ve chosen to present the shows on TV.

However, is 3 months too early to start making Christmas cards? Being a bit of a craft hoarder, my house is full with tins of ribbon, boxes of scrap card and bags of little ‘things’ that I’ve kept ‘just in case’. A whole bag of this stuff is just dedicated to ‘things’ with a Christmassy feel, so it only seems right that I put them to good use. Afterall, I have been saving these bits and bobs for at least one year, some of them possibly a lot longer (I told you I was a hoarder).

Anyway, the picture above is of the five Christmas cards that I created one rainy afternoon last week. There are a couple of Christmas scenes with houses and trees and a few baubles hanging on different coloured ribbons. Of course, this is only just skimming the surface of what lurks in my bag of Christmas crafts – if I hadn’t run out of cards and envelopes in the process I could easily have made another 45 more. Looks like a trip to The Works is in order this weekend…


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