This time last year I was busy with my Hallowe’en papercrafts planning for the first Hallowe’en party I’d ever held… have another look at them here!

Sew Sensational

As Hallowe’en eerily creeps nearer, what better time is there to crack out the stripey pipe cleaners and orange origami paper in order to create a unique and handmade Hallowe’en display.

I’m planning a little get together this weekend and, aside from the games, it wouldn’t be a proper party without the themed decoration. Plus I’m me. And I’ve never been one to do things half-heartedly. I’ve also taken a much more friendly approach to Hallowe’en this year – smiley pumpkins look much more fun and kawaii around the house than the traditional scream mask.

Using the fabulous Origami Club website for guidance, I’ve folded, creased and pressed my way to a field full of pumpkins and a sky full of adorable paper bats. Follow the logo link to find the patterns for these. Kirigami has come in handy to make the spider webs – to copy this yourself, just…

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