Our House and Doug the Dog

On 1st August, I (plus one very lucky boy) moved house and stepped onto the very first rung of our very own metaphorical property ladder. Previously in our lives we had been university graduates with bigger dreams than working in retail and commuting every day from our youth-filled bedrooms round at our mums’. Now that we’re both reaching (or have reached) the big 2-4, we decided that this summer was the time to stretch those metaphorical wings and fly the family nests. So here we are.

Whilst I’m having unimaginable fun arranging furniture, doing the ironing and choosing crockery, since moving house I’ve had very little time to pursue any of my usual craft and sewing projects. These days all my money seems to disappear on oak-veneered bookcases, candle-shaped light bulbs and filling up the salad drawer. Alongside working all week, this leaves minimal time and minimal pounds to spend on the embroidery threads, material squares and colourful cottons that I’d quite like to own more of.

That’s not to say I haven’t done ANY sewing though. I’ve sewn buttons onto the backs of cushions, shortened the living room curtains and started a bit of cross-stitch. I’ve even sewn half of the bias binding onto that (slowly becoming infamous) spring picnic blanket of mine.

And what’s more, this afternoon I started out on this beauty of a project; Accessorize’s finest ‘Make Your Own Glove Puppy’ kit. My sister bought me this for Christmas last year and so far it’s remained in the craft cupboard waiting for a rainy day. Well, today it is raining. I’m also home alone whilst the boy slaves away selling 2 for £10 DVDs to the general public. Perfect.

The kit contains some white, woolly gloves, a bit of checked fabric, some thread and three black buttons. After following steps 1-14 on the back of the packet, and watching an hour of Beautiful Lies starring Audrey Tautou, Doug the Dog was born. Just glancing at this photograph I can tell that you’re jealous he isn’t yours. This is clearly one of my finest sewing projects to date.

When I get really bored my next task is to finish that blanket. Unfortunately I’ve now completed all the easy bits and the only thing that remains is to hand-stitch the other side of the binding all the way around the edge. The thought of doing this is making me feel slightly sick. This blanket is bigger than my dining table. My sewing needle is smaller than my little finger. Watch this space.


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