Project Runway, Round 10

Last year I wrote a post about Project Runway season 9. I wrote about a young chap named Gunnar Deatherage – but unfortunately he never even made it past the auditions. Project Runway season 10 started in the US this week and, to my surprise, Gunnar has been allowed to enter the show for the second time. This time he says ‘I know who I am as a designer now’. I really hope so, as yet again I find myself hat-pinning my hopes on his success. Despite him being a bit of an idiot in person, it’s #TeamGunnar all the way.

Japanese Kooan Kosuke is mental. Half his clothes look like they’re made out of Lego and styrofoam. In fact, not even half. ALL of his clothes look like they’re made out of Lego and styrofoam. See the photograph on the left for his first runway look. Mental.

Christopher Palu is a lovely guy. He’s what I wish Gunnar was like. Unfortunately, I don’t rate his designs too highly – clearly a matter of opinion as the judges seemed to think his two crinkly dresses were a work of art and made him the winner of the challenge.

I’m sure as the season progresses my view will change and I’ll find myself rooting for ‘lesbian designer’ Alicia Hardesty instead. Nobody, however, is ever going to out-shine my original favourite – Christian Siriano – who won season 4 of Project Runway. His Vivienne Westwood-come-Galliano-come-Valentio inspired ball gowns are a close fore runner in the ‘Who’s Going to Make My Bespoke Wedding Dress’ Olympics. Don’t believe my hype? Check out the dress Taylor Swift was caught wearing here.

I shouldn’t be so excited about Project Runway – it’s only a reality TV show after all – but there’s something endearing about watching people’s sewing machines break, their fingers being pricked by needles and crying because they’ve cut a hole too big in a chiffon blouse… but I can’t be the ONLY one these things happen to, surely?!


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