Paper Roses + Tutorial

Last weekend I was at a loose end. When I’m at a loose end I usually dig out my Hummingbird Bakery cookbook or delve into my craft and sewing cupboard…  and last weekend definitely wasn’t out of the ordinary. Alongside the pink, chocolate ganache macaroons I made (having been inspired by living in Paris, of course) I also sewed together 168 rectangles of fabric for my patchwork blanket, whipped up 10 hand-made birthday cards and folded together 6 pieces of origami paper to create this (rather stunning) paper rose. Productivity has always been my natural synonym.

If you want to make the rose for yourself – first set aside a good hour to fold all the bits of paper and work out how they slot together – load up this handy 10-minute YouTube video, turn up your electro-playlist, make yourself a cup of (green Japanese) tea and then origami yourself into oblivion. Trust me, it’s worth it. Thanks to Jo Nakashima for the video tutorial.


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