Origami Days

Alongside my cross stitch, another one of the travel-sized crafts that I’ve brought with me to France is origami. I’ve always been obsessed with the Japanese art of paper folding – I remember taking part in the talent contest at primary school, handing out squares of coloured paper and teaching my class of fellow 10-year-olds how to make origami boxes. I used to sit and make paper elephants, cranes and flowers using paper from the printer, pages out my school books or bits of till receipt at work.

When I was in my teens I had a pen-pal named Hikari who lived in Japan (and with whom I have sadly since lost contact with). She once sent me a book of proper, Japanese, patterned origami paper and I’ve still got most of the sheets left today. It’s so beautiful I hardly dare use it! Those of you who’ve seen my room at home may have noticed the cranes I have around the place made out of the cute floral designs.

I love to experiment with origami and will often find myself halfway through making some sort of forest animal before I get completely stuck. Instructions can be incredibly difficult to follow as they require a lot of imagination as to what the finished result should look like. I recently, however, came across the website paperkawaii.com and I think it may have just changed my life for the better. The girl who updates the site regularly posts how-to videos for lots of amazing origami designs – having visual instructions is so much better than written ones! The photos on this page of the paper bows and the cherry blossom inspired dish were created using the videos on her website.

The only problem is that this paper-folding habit has lead to a shortage in paper… luckily my boyfriend arrives in a few days so I’ve had chance to request that he brings me over some more supplies!


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