à bientôt, HMV

And so yesterday was ma journée finale at HMV Harrogate. I’m super sad to be leaving such an epic chapter of my life behind, but the number of times I’ve complained about not doing enough with my life is now getting beyond countless. Direct from my favourite book ‘Chocolat’ by Joanne Harris (and also a song):

‘V’la l’bon vent m’amie m’appelle. V’la l’bon vent, v’la l’joli vent’ – The wind calls my name, the good wind, the pretty wind.

As most of you now know, in February I will be moving to Paris to be a fille au pair for  a lovely family there. I’ve blogged about it at every opportunity so if this knowledge has escaped you, I ask where have you been?

As a leaving present from work I got bought this amazing ‘J’adore French Boys’ jumper. I’ve blogged about this previously too. If you’re reading this, HMV 466 – THANK YOU for an amazing 2.5 years, and I will miss you all like you would not believe! Have fun without me x


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