New Look Goes ‘Grunge’

A few posts backs I posted about H&M’s new limited edition Girl With the Dragon Tattoo clothing range (read it here). Packed with leather jackets, worn jeans and spiked jewellery, the collection is pretty much everything you’d want and expect from a high street retailer.

And then New Look decided they’d jump on the bandwagon. Yet calling their newest range ‘grunge’ has sparked a small flame of disappointment/fury within my soul. Grunge is a subgenre of angst-ridden music also known as Seattle Sound. For many of you, images of Kurt Cobain should be flung to the front of your mind almost simultaneously with that loose definition.

Grunge is cheap, thrifty, flannel-based, comfy clothing that looks a bit rough round the edges and possibly a bit like you live under a bridge somewhere in downtown Chicago. Grunge is not New Look. Their newest range of ‘Bronx Brogues’, crochet tops and floral shorts screams more Pixie Lott than Courtney Love. And the animal print trousers and Giles Deacon tights certainly wouldn’t look out of place at Loveboxx Festival.

I’m not saying I don’t like any of the pieces – I’d certainly buy into one of the ‘cross print’ jumpers, but only because they look a bit like I could pass it off as an homage to Ed Banger’s Justice.

You can see the New Look grunge collection here. But don’t get your hopes up.


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