Bienvenue le Noel

So Christmas is upon us again already and for the 8th year in my life – although it feels like the 23rd – I find myself in retail, lovingly putting those festive needs of pushy, impatient, panicked and obnoxious others before my own. Last Christmas I promised myself this wouldn’t happen, yet here we are. At least I have a day off today, albeit to play Santa by delivering peoples’ presents and making mince pies for the staffroom at work.

Take a quick look at my photos here too. This year I have my miniature Paperchase Β tree on my windowsill, bedecked within an inch of its life in super cute Paperchase wooden decorations. They’re all so smiley! You can’t help but smile along when you look at it.

I also have some AMAZING crocheted snowflakes hanging from the side of my cupboard this year. Thank you so much to my amazing friend Marianna for making these for me last festive season!

And finally is the little row of tiny glass baubles I have stringed along the front of my DVD cabinet. Paperchase seem to have an incredible knack for making super cute Christmas accessories.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and an even better New Year… keep subscribing/refreshing this page in 2012 for even more of my exciting craft and sewing projects. And this time next year, I PROMISE YOU that I will NOT be working in retail…


One thought on “Bienvenue le Noel

  1. Was just admiring the small tree and seen that I have the exact same decorations! I really shouldn’t of bought them as I was budgeting myself, but decided they were an essential :3


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