Origami Bows (& How To Make Them)

origami bowPaper Kawaii is a blog-style website run by an origami enthusiast, currently residing in Australia, who loves to post diagrams and links to the most adorable origami I think I’ve ever seen. I only stumbled across the site by accident – I believe I was looking for patterns to make flowers at the time – and it’s now a permanent fixture on my favourites tool bar.

Flowers aside, the origami ribbon bow is my favourite find. I’ve used a couple of them to decorate a birthday present with and they look great!

Here’s the video tutorial on how to make the origami bow yourself. All you need is a square of paper, a pair of scissors and a few fingers. It takes a bit of pausing and re-winding first time around, but once you get the hang of it you can make origami ribbons ’til your heart’s content! They look lovely attached to birthday presents – so give it a go! (and I’d love to see your results!)


2 thoughts on “Origami Bows (& How To Make Them)

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