Project Alba; Hand-Sewn Wall Art

And so the 2 weeks off (and 2 weeks of sewing) begin. I’ve managed to write myself a list of projects to get on with, ranging in manageability from easy – finish the cross stitch I started, make some whoopie pies – to the somewhat epic – sew everyone a Christmas present, handwrite all 40 of my Grandma’s golden wedding invites in calligraphic form.

And as if I didn’t already have enough to do, I’ve also decided to create some new ‘wall art’ for my bedroom. Thanks to Miramax for the free canvases I’m using as the base for this; working at HMV can be handy. The canvases are about 10″ square and currently have a (stunning, blue) pop-art Jessica Alba a la Sin City design on the front. Why I don’t want to hang them on the wall as they are, I don’t know.

The plan is to cover each of the pictures with hand-made, fabric flowers, bunting, ribbon, buttons, sparkly things…. you get the idea. See the photo on the right for an example of some flowers I’ve already made in preparation!

I’ve bought myself some fabric glue to stick it all together with and already own bondaweb and a needle and thread… so watch this space. I’ll update the blog as soon as Project Alba sees any further development!


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