jelly shoes, a cult classic

Growing up in the late 90s it was ESSENTIAL for every school girl to have high-heeled, glittery jelly shoes. You know the ones – usually clear in colour, a buckle at the ankle and filled to the brim with iridescent silver sparkle.

Just as aztec print leggings and animal-logo jumpers are also back ‘in’ – 2011 sees the further rise of the jelly shoe. Vivienne Westwood, of course, has had a £90 rubber boot under her belt for generations (see photo above). Little ankle-high wellies have always been hot in her eyes. And it’s fair to say I’ve had my eye on a pair of her £120 Lady Dragon heels for a good quarter of my lifetime (see photo right, and my blog entry here).

Vivienne Westwood wasn’t the first polymer-lover to jump on the plastic bandwagon though. Melissa Shoes have had eco-friendly, plastic designs on the market for around 30 years. And they haven’t only teamed up with Westwood either – John Paul Gaultier has also collaborated with the Aussie based company to create a range of to-die-for footwear.

Until now though, I’ve yet to see much of an imitation of Viv, John or Melissa’s styles. And so enter New Look. The high street store have worked in partner with ‘Mel’ – Melissa’s playful younger sister, vegan friendly and totally recyclable. Why you’d ever chuck them in with your bean cans and cereal boxes is beyond me. The ankle boots here are £37.99, and the butterfly heels are £39.99. Compared with the Vivienne Westwood designs up top, and aside from the obvious contrast in price, is there really much in the way of differences? I’m starting to think that even I prefer the New Look variation…


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