How to be a Disney Princess…

On Sunday October 2nd, a whole host of beautiful young ladies will be making their way to Kensington Palace and Gardens by Royal procession: they are the Disney Princesses.

I visited Disneyland Paris in May on behalf of to do some research for a series of blogs I’m writing for the website – and I had the AMAZING opportunity to meet the Princesses myself! Getting up, close and personal with Disney’s biggest stars is perhaps (make that definitely) one of the most memorable moments of my life to date. I don’t care that I’m almost 23 – the Disney Princesses will always remain iconic, magical and representative of strong women and fashion for as long as we all live.

The celebrations inside the palace are by invitation only – but don’t let that stop you getting involved. If you live nearby and have children (or not), get yourself down to the parade route this weekend for free. MORE INFO HERE. 

But don’t let the excitement end there. Although the Disney girls may be renowned for their cute animal friends, perfect hairstyles and top-of-the-range boyfriends – it’s their spectacular, vibrant and unforgettable dresses that are in every little girls’ dreams. Whether your daughter prefers Sleeping Beauty’s hot pink gown, Pocahontas’ fringed number or Jasmine’s silky green slippers, their styles are much easier to copy than you think.

These are my top tips for dressing to impress and how YOU can be a princess for the day.

Tip 1: Invest In The Best.
Treat yourself to a Simplicity Disney Princess dress pattern. If you have skills with a sewing machine then these patterns (at only £5.65) are a definite must-have. You can re-create Cinderella’s blue ball gown, Snow White’s iconic red-caped dress or one of Tinkerbell & Friends’ colourful frocks. Get the patterns online here.

Tip 2: Add a Touch of Sparkle.
If you haven’t got the resources to create an entire new frock (or already have one) – why not create a few new accessories? I’m sure kids will love to get involved with this too. Stick some jewels, glitter or feathers onto an existing hairband or clip, thread some sparkly beads onto a length of string or simply tie a long length of ribbon around your ponytail. After all, where would Jasmine be without her diamante hair piece?

Tip 3: It’s All About the Glamour.
Paint your nails, wear some vibrant eyeshadow, put a fresh flower behind your ear, don your long evening gloves… emulate the glitz and glamour that only Disney Princesses have. Fancy dress shops stock long white Cinderella-style gloves if you don’t fancy making them yourself. A great activity for kids is making their own crowns too – cut them a piece of paper the size of their head and pass them the glitter glue (and an apron!). You’ll no doubt be astounded by their creativity.

Tip 4: DIY Fashion.
Not up to sewing a new dress? Then hit the high street. Colour is a big trend this season so it’ll be super easy to find bright tops and skirts to match those of your favourite Princess.
I love this simple blue dress from H&M Kids – add a plain white apron and a black hairband et voila – Alice in Wonderland. New Look Kids has some cute little cardigans and sparkly shoes too that could easily pass as Princess-worthy.

Tip 5: Have Fun!
No matter if you’re a practiced seamstress and want to create a masterpiece of a frock, or if you’re going to leave the kids to go crazy with the Pritt Stick and sequins – make sure you have a great time! If you’re off down to Kensington Palace this weekend you’re in for a treat – let me (and know how it went. We want your reviews, comments and photos of the event and your costumes!


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