Christian Siriano

Today I’ve decided to showcase the current work of Christian Siriano: the winner of Project Runway season 4. Ever since he took the gold medal in 2008 I’ve been closely (and probably obsessively) following the designer on Facebook and Twitter. His designs wowed me all the way through the series – check the photo above of his season finale collection – and continue to do so now that Christian has made a good, strong name for himself in the fashion world.

His current S/S 2012 collection strays away from his typical black on black style and jumps right into the deep end of the colour spectrum. Rich, tropical colours are the key – vibrant corals, yellows and oranges alongside crisp white and pale stone. As a collection it’s stunning. When broken down piece by piece, it’s even more so. And the best part? The looks are all super easy to copy – long pleated skirts, plain t-shirts and feathered skirts are all accessible on the high street. Obviously nothing compares to the real deal, but imitation always has been the greatest form of flattery.


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