The Lotus’ New Clothes

My dad is amazing. Let’s get that out there first. He’s also passing through that (critical) moment in life that only a bright yellow car can satisfy. Enter stage right: the Lotus (or Lotie as he prefers her to be called).Β As you can see from the photo, Lotie is polished to perfection; she sparkles like a diamond amongst volcanic ash, she radiates beauty like Mila Kunis in Black Swan, she puts a smile upon the most downhearted of men.

Yet on the interior, poor Lotie has rather sad, uncomfortable looking seats. Sad face indeed. So – enter stage left – daughter Louise and her sewing prowess.

I’ve been commissioned (Dad if you’re reading this, I’ve recently Β been known to accept payment in Jelly Tots) to make a driver’s seat cushion & cover to make the long, speedy journeys just that bit more comfortable.

Et voila: one completed car seat. The actual cushion is made of memory foam cut into a big rectangle. The cover (that’s my bit) is made from 7 pieces of green and white check fabric – one piece for the front, 4 long strips for each of the sides side and 2 for the flaps around the back. I didn’t have a pattern for this – I literally measured the foam and cut out bits of material to match.

I had a bit of trouble trying to stitch around the corners due to my incredible pattern improv – but the finished result looks pretty good, right? Now that I’ve completed it I’ve realised it’s basically an ironing board cover in miniature – I amaze myself sometimes. I used a couple of pieces of ribbon to make sure it attaches firmly to the foam too.

Let’s hope Lotie (and my Dad) loves her new coat as much as I do.


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