Button-Tree Cushions

 Even if I say so myself – this cushion is the result of perhaps one of my finest creative moments to date.

I mentioned previously in my review of Rosebud & Farthing that I loved the idea of an embroidered tree using buttons as blossom and leaves. With a whole Sunday morning ahead of me, I decided to try and recreate this for myself – and here’s the finished result.

I used my sewing machine (and the newly-discovered stitches it can do) to embroider the tree onto a piece of cream coloured fabric in navy cotton. I then stitched the little pink, white and green buttons on by hand. Overall result = incredible.

The cushion is made up of 4 different fabrics altogether – 3 of which I bought in Devon at the Cowslip Workshops. I got the material for my Kindle cover there too. I picked a dusky cream and blue colour theme – one in each colour which have a pattern of trees and birds on, and the third is a mix of the two colours and also has a (very cute) little cat print all over it. I used the cat print down the sides of my cushion and then the blue and cream as the cushion backing – as you can see from the photo.

The fabric itself was designed by Lynette Anderson – a British-born and Australian-residing print and craft goddess. You can see some of her stuff on the website here. One of my favourite items has got to be the Noah’s Ark themed buttons… Lynette even has a blog here. This lady could easily be responsible for me spending my entire month’s wages in one sitting.

I used the same basic cushion pattern out of my Cath Kidston book – a pattern which I can pretty much sew by hand now – so it only took me a couple of hours to complete. I can’t wait to show my mum…


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