101 Days Until Christmas

It’s September. I realise this. But there are only 101 days left until the Big Day itself and I’m starting to get fearful flashbacks of an endless queue of customers, late nights, delirious days and an unimaginable number of Take That albums. I’m becoming increasingly aware, therefore, that I’ll probably only have another 5 days off work between now and the festive season – thus September being the perfect month to begin my Christmas card preparation. Apologies to those who disagree.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I’d bought a Christmas card-making magazine. This, so far, has been the inspiration for my crafts. In keeping with my love of sewing (and also this blog) – my handmade cards this year are mostly based around buttons.

Check the photo above for 3 of the cards I made this morning!

Card descriptions from left to right:
1. Green card covered in festive paper, with a ‘Merry Christmas’ ribbon through the middle, tree and robin embellishments, gold glitter plant pot button and red bow.

2. Green card half covered in festive paper, 4 coloured buttons attached with ribbon and 1 poinsettia flower button.

3. Yellow card with cut out window and half covered in festive paper, gold bauble embellishment, Christmas tree decoration made up of green buttons and beads threaded onto a glittery pipe cleaner, ‘Merry Christmas’ logo on inside of card.

Also – how adorable is the button-snowman card I made?! It took me a total of 2 hours to make these four cards – all to the accompaniment of Japanese anime film ‘Summer Wars’. I think I might need to get my skates on….

The Christmas themed papers I used came with the magazine Cardmaking & Papercraft, issue 96 October 2011.

4 thoughts on “101 Days Until Christmas

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