Cartes Postales Francaises

Card-making is probably the oldest string on my metaphorical craft bow. I’ve been making them for people for most of my life – collecting bits of paper and decoration left, right and centre to produce a craft box to rival that of Neil Buchanan from Art Attack.

Since buying a copy of Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine last week (see the post about that here) I’ve been inspired to whip up a further few masterpieces. They’ve got a lovely feature about turning vintage postcards into greetings cards by cutting out the main image and adorning it with ribbons, buttons and bows.

So, on my lunch break yesterday, I set out for Oxfam Harrogate and their grand collection of postcards from yesteryear. I picked out 8 in total – all images of cathedrals, palaces and chateaux in France – I’ve always felt a strong connection towards the land of onions and baguettes, so was naturally drawn towards this as a theme. Plus I do have an A Level in the language. Which I achieved a year in advance. Ahem.

After having looked at my choice of cards, I’m not so sure I want to part with them anymore. They’re such lovely images I think they might look better on my noticeboard… a selfish attitude I realise, but there’s never been any harm in a little self indulgence. I’ll just go and buy a few more… so if it’s your birthday coming up – keep an eye out for these cartes postales francaises.



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