an iPurse for an iPad

Previously in my life, see here, I astonished myself and those around me by hand-making my very own quilted Kindle cover. I adapted a lovely pattern out of that trusty Cath Kidston Sew! book – there’s a handy review of that here too – and, basically, turned a coin purse into an e-reader storage facility. Such skills.

Now this is where the real story begins. Recently, my adorable work colleague has visited the Big Apple and purchased herself an iPad mark 2 – Apple pun obviously not intended, promise – and has expressed the severe need for a case to keep it in. Whilst there are many wonderful, technological and expensive designs on the market already… clearly nothing says ‘I love you but I’m fairly jealous anyway’ more than her very own, hand-sewn, unique iPad cover.

Enter the iPurse. Patent pending (I wish). This week (or fortnight at least) it is my ambition to stitch away and create a new masterpiece. When I’m not doing one of the other 14 masterpieces I currently have on the go, that is…

Let’s just get this out there now, shall we? Yesterday I bought myself a Christmas card-making magazine. There, said it. In all fairness it did come with some fabulous, free Christmas card decorations and backing paper. I’m even considering wallpapering my room with the paper instead it’s that pretty. The magazine is Cardmaking & Papercraft (issue 96, October) and isn’t one I usually buy – I’m more of a sewing magazine kinda girl! Nothing wrong with being prepared for the festive season though, right?


2 thoughts on “an iPurse for an iPad

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