Vickers for Very

Ok so Diana Vickers may not have won the X Factor. She also may have recently been dropped from her record label. And be a little annoying. BUT she does seem to have a keen eye for design.

Check out her new collection for right here.

Entitled ‘Dee V’ (see what she did there), Diana’s collection is full to the brim with girly pastels, prints and everything feminine. As much as I hate to consider myself being anywhere near the epitome of ‘girly’ – I do really love what she’s done here.

Prices range from the budget £18 to the almost cringe-worthy £99, but I guess that comes part and parcel with selling your line on a department store website. If Diana had gone solo with this I doubt she would have made a name for herself, but by launching her frocks alongside those of Fearne Cotton and the Saturdays, I think she’s found herself a lovely little niche.

Now to wait for this sequinned dress to go into the autumn sale…



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