March of the Felt Elephant

Today I decided to have a crack at making something from my new book – Felt Friends From Japan. I wrote a review about it previously, and so thought it was about time that I actually gave it a go! I decided to start with one of the most basic-looking animals…

And here we are. Introducing Alfred, the felt elephant.

The pattern is made up of 3 body pieces, 2 ears, 2 eyes and a tail which are all stitched together using white embroidery thread. It was a bit fiddly to sew, as all the components are around 2 inches big at most – but it was a lovely project for a morning off work. I have such a lot of felt saved up from over the years so the patterns in this book are perfect for using it all up!

Next time I’m going to attempt to make an adorable felt cat. And perhaps a frog shaped coin purse. Or a gingerbread man brooch. I think it’s safe to assume you’ll be receiving one of these for Christmas, too!


3 thoughts on “March of the Felt Elephant

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