Project Runway 9 ♥

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Today my post is all about PROJECT RUNWAY SEASON 9 (if you can distract yourself away from the photo of Heidi Klum here anyway).

Project Runway is perhaps one of the main reasons I decided that sewing was the future. I’ve watched all 8 series of the US show, both of Canada and Australia’s versions, and then when I finish learning Filipino, Portuguese and Hebrew I plan on watching their respective versions also.

There is (almost) nothing better than watching a reality show based around my favourite past time. The designers they choose always range from the incredibly outstanding to the incredibly out-of-place-time-to-go-home-now sort of people. The winner of season 7 was perhaps my favourite – Seth Aaron Henderson – and I believe that Mondo Guerra in season 8 was completely robbed of that winning trophy.

But who will win this year’s show? It starts officially on 28th July in the US and the participating designers can be seen on the MyLifetime website here. There are a staggering 20 designers taking part this year, ranging in age from 21 to 57. Unlike America’s Next Top Model, this show doesn’t make me feel like I’m past my prime!

My money’s on Gunnar Deatherage or Danielle Everine to win, going on the photos of their past collections. Let’s just hope that they’re as talented as their portfolios make out. It’s always promising to hear that 2008’s Miss Trinidad and Tobago Universe is taking part this year too…




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