Pinny-Up Girl

I went to Devon recently to visit my delightful friend from university. Whilst there she made the incredibly valid statement – ‘I always feel like I shouldn’t buy things that I know I can make myself’. This is definitely the way I want to live my own seamstress-led life too. Why spend hundreds on things I can sew myself, in my own choice of fabric and my own custom fit?

As a thank you present for the wonderful hospitality, I decided to make my friend an apron (as previously stated – she hadn’t yet bought one for fear of being able to whip one up herself). The pattern is – of course – Cath Kidston, and is actually one created to fit a child. I had to adapt the pattern slightly so that the apron was bigger in length and had longer straps, thus making it ‘adult sized’. As you can see from the stunning photo of me modelling said apron – it fits perfect. Result.

For the main apron I used a blue floral print cotton, with a larger print for the band at the bottom, the waist tie and the neck strap. I cut out the big flowers from this fabric and appliqued them around the top for a bit of extra excitement. The apron also has a plain cream backing. I attached the waist ties using some metallic gold and blue buttons which I think make the end result look much more professional.

Now that this beautiful apron has been posted to Devon, I think I’m starting to miss it slightly. I definitely need to make one for myself  – I love to bake, and I’m most certainly not the tidiest of chefs! For the moment though it will have to wait… we’re moving house at the end of the week and it’s time for my sewing kit to be packed away. It’s absolutely getting added to the ‘to-do’ list though.


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