Kindle Care

Last weekend I bought myself an Amazon Kindle – resulting in half of my friends now hating me for wasting my hard-earned cash and the other half hating me for being the luckiest girl alive. Either way, it doesn’t look great on the friend front.

Before I let little Kindle leave the house and make its (her) debut in the staffroom at work however, it desperately needs some kind of protection from the outside world. The last thing I need are scratches all over the screen when it topples out of my handbag and onto the roadside.

Official Kindle covers from the official Kindle store are an extravagant £25-40 depending on the design. This is approximately 30% of the cost of the actual Kindle. Insane. This weekend, therefore, I decided to put my skills to the test and create my very own, very unique, very – ahem – stylish Kindle cover.

The pattern I used is for a large quilted purse found in Cath Kidston’s Sew! book. I had to alter the dimensions to make it Kindle sized but that was easy part. The beautiful vintage-style fabric is from an adorable little farm shop in Devon – Cowslip Workshops – and cost me £2.75. The lining is just plain pink cotton from my fabric-donated-from-grandma collection, as is the lemon lace around the flap and the press-stud used as a fastener. These didn’t cost me anything – as did the button, which was part of a set my gorgeous friend got me for my birthday. The wadding in the middle cost me about 20p. Overall the cost must have been about £3 – take that Amazon Kindle store!

The pattern was pretty easy to follow as usual. I’ve never done quilting before but it turns out to be fairly simple! I’m definitely going to try and use my new skill more often as it makes the fabric so lovely and cuddly. Although my Kindle cover does look ever-so-slightly like my great grandma’s wash bag – I don’t care. Who’s gonna steal this out of my bag on a train?! Result.


5 thoughts on “Kindle Care

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