Felt Friends From Japan – Review

Felt Friends from Japan is a felt-based toy making book that I spotted this weekend in my (not so local) Waterstones Exeter store. Obviously I made no hesitation in falling head over heels for it. Toys+Japan= sure winner for everyone involved. The fact I get staff discount in Waterstones does help with the book’s appeal – although this perk only lasts until the start of July, so buying it yesterday was my ONLY option. Naturally.

The book is written by a lovely looking lady named Naomi Tabatha – and I believe it’s the only one she’s turned her hand to. Born in Japan, and having worked as a toy-maker for magazine, book and CD covers, as well as writing magazine columns and (as the book delightfully tells me) has blood type B – Tabatha epitomises everything I would love to be myself. What a girl.

The inside of the book is sickeningly cute – those with a nervous disposition towards everything kawaii, please look away now. There are options to make gingerbread men brooches, goldfish coin purses and puppy dog mascots to name but a few of the delightful toys on offer. The inside of the book jacket even contains all the patterns needed to make the items – ingenious.

In my own sewing kit I have a special box dedicated to bits of felt, so I’m hoping that Felt Friends will help me to use them up. I can’t wait to make myself a Kenji Cat or a pin badge in the shape of a flowerpot – all essential items that I have no idea HOW I lived without beforehand. The last time I worked with felt was on the needle case I made – check that out here.

Pictures of completed toys will, of course, be uploaded in due course. Super kawaii!


6 thoughts on “Felt Friends From Japan – Review

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  5. Oh you’ll love this! She actually has several other books out as well, though they are in Japanese. Still ~ great photo & line drawing tutorials, so no language barrier, really. A gal from Japan on ebay sells them ( I just bought the other two, myself, as I am also in a current love-affair with all crafty things from Japan.) Here is a link to the other 2 books ( she always posts lots of pics, so you can see what’s in them… a trait I love.) http://www.ebay.com/itm/TABATHA-NAOMI-FELT-GOODS-2-Japanese-Craft-Book-/200495473127?pt=US_Fabric&hash=item2eae7621e7
    I don’t know how to make those hot links ~ but if you love the one book, I am pretty certain you will love the other 2. ;-D
    I also made several of the softies in this book, and I agree with you, ADORABLE!
    oh, hehe, and ps ~ LOVE the dog, the elephant & the kitty ~ good work! ~ totally awesome!!!!


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