Erdem Resort 2012

As an avid floral & lace dress fan, Erdem is naturally near the top of my ‘Favourite Designers Ever’ list. These photos are from his recent Resort 2012 collection and the designs are as stunning as ever. Florals that look like watercolours have always been a big trend in the world of fashion, but Erdem does it with so much more taste and class than I’ve ever seen before. Some of the prints even look like they’ve been inked on with fountain pen: something Β I don’t think I’d ever be able to replicate myself without ending up with a tie-dye disaster.

The Resort 2012 range has everything from mini dresses to floor-sweeping gowns, trousers suits to trench coats. And not everything is lavishly coated in flowers or lace either. Breaking away from his comfort zone, some of the latest designs feature a navy or pink dogtooth pattern that resemble something Karl Lagerfeld would love to get his Chanel-coated mitts on.

This collection has come just in time for my weekend away in the English Riviera, and definitely wouldn’t look out of place on a yacht in the south of France either. This collection is, perhaps, very nearly flawless.

Check out my other Erdem article here.


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