The Royal Look – Kate Middleton

Alright – so there’s no way I was going to let the Royal Wedding of the Century pass by without any comment. Let’s face it, Kate Middleton is quite the princess, whether you care to admit it or not. She’s young. She’s pretty. She’s marrying a real-life prince. And through all of this, she maintains such great style. I suppose you have to look pretty fantastic when you’re representing the United Kingdom for a living – whether that means being plastered across the 180-page-pullout-keepsake-edition of The Sun or on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar. And yes, I’m sure there are certain rules about how many inches ones hemline may fall above ones knee, or what shade of Chanel lipstick is most appropriate for which ribbon cutting event – but I think Kate can easily pull it off without looking middle-aged.

Take the dress she wore to her engagement interview, pictured above. The royal blue (no pun intended) was obviously chosen to match her sapphire engagement ring, but it complements her eyes beautifully too. The dress is by design-house Issa and sold out instantly after Kate was photographed wearing it. You can still buy similar styles online at net-a-porter.comย – but without that regal shade of blue, is it quite the same? I believe Tesco have their own knock-off version of the dress too, but I feel this is a bit half-hearted, and something like buying a fake engagement ring by collecting tokens out of the newspaper – oh wait. You can do that too.

Of course I will be celebrating the Royal Wedding in style (albeit at work) with my Wills & Kate flag. And of course I’ll be reviewing the eagerly-awaited wedding dress once it goes live. My money’s on a Vivienne Westwood number. Place your bets now girls (and guys).


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