Happy Easter & FREE charts!

First of all – Happy Easter! Today is Easter Sunday, and so far I have 3 chocolate eggs. Not too bad considering my family don’t classify me as ‘one of the kids’ anymore. Oh to be 7 years old again. This little guy spent the whole of Easter Saturday perched on my till at work, hopefully he’s not been poached and will still be there for tomorrow… but for now, back to the sewing:

If you love (or even just like a tiny bit) cross stitch, then Cross Stitcher magazine is definitely something you need to look into. First of all, commit this web page to memory – or at least add it to your favourites.

FREE patterns are what people like me live for, so this page ticks ALL the right boxes. The little cherry, strawberry and ice lolly motifs pictured here are my favourites, which you can download with a simple click of a button here.

I’ve also finished sewing the cherry blossom inspired flowers I started the other day. Now they’re complete with  greenery, I think even Kate Middleton would be proud to have them in her bouquet. I haven’t yet decided what I’m going to do with them – but for now they’re stuck up on my wall looking pretty. Let’s hope the sunny weather continues to provide me with inspiration to stitch even more!


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