Fashion Statement 8 – ERDEM

Erdem. The well deserving winner of the BFC/Vogue Designer Fashion Fund 2010 – yet I hardly doubt he needs a trophy to obtain recognition. Erdem Moralioglu originates from Montreal, Canada, yet there is something inexplicably British about his designs. The clean cuts and ditzy florals are almost what you’d expect to see at an English garden tea party, but if you look closer these flowers and lines are not quite what you thought they were. Floral prints at a glance become kaleidoscopic patterns on closer inspection. Clean lines become a myriad of carefully placed seams and panels. Even the colour palette isn’t so simple. Neon brights collide with princess pastels, deep jewels combine with shades of lace. Erdem is a designer that one step above the rest. He describes his design signatures as ‘colour, optimism and oddities’. I don’t think he could have put it any better.


2 thoughts on “Fashion Statement 8 – ERDEM

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