Lovers In Japan – Inspiration

Sakura – Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Spring is in the air, and this flower is perhaps one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. It can vary in shade from deep, vibrant cerise to pale, delicate rosewater – and when placed together, cherry blossom is the floral equivalent of finding a Galliano gown at a car-boot sale. Simply wonderful. I’ve just started to cross-stitch some little flowers to applique onto some of my sewing projects – I might do another lot in shades of pink to mimic the cherry blossom. Or perhaps I could place a scattering of pink buttons across a cushion to make it look like the branches of a tree. Either way, this is a definite moment of inspiration. Next stop: Japan.

Check out my friend’s brother’s blog too – he’s in Korea and has some fantastic photos of the cherry blossom there;Β


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