Fabric Lavender Hearts

These past few weeks have been pretty chaotic – and with chaos comes little spare time to devote to my sewing! I’ve had spare hours (sometimes just minutes) here and there, but never enough to time to begin something PROPER; a REAL pattern, that takes a DAY or even a WEEK to complete. No. Instead I’ve turned my hand towards making some adorable little lavender bags to hang on door handles, coat hangers, or stuff in drawers. These add an instant homely feeling to any room, and luckily for me, only take about an hour to create.

The one I started with is a simple heart shape (traced from the pattern found in Cath Kidston’s book) in an ADORABLE Jemima Puddle Duck fabric I found at my local material shop, and took me about 2 minutes to sew all the way around the edge. I often struggle with rounded edges, and get pointy bits in the wrong places, but my new sewing machine took it in it’s stride and produced something quite wonderful.

I attached a ribbon to hang it up with using a little white and gold button (adding extra cuteness). I then turned it right way round, stuffed it half with toy stuffing and half with dried lavender, and then slip-stitched the opening at the bottom.

On a side note – who knew it’d be so difficult to get hold of dry lavender? No where in town seems to stock it, or have any idea where I could find it. In the end I ordered it from a seller on eBay (and am surprisingly pleased with the result!). I now have enough lavender to make at least another 8… bring on those summer birthdays!


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