Cross Stitch & Cupcakes

This weekend I’ve done a bit of everything when it comes to the world of crafts. First up is this cross-stitched Union Jack heart. The pattern is out of the April edition of Cross Stitcher magazine – I used 2 shades of pink and 1 in blue – and it took me a couple of hours to stitch. I love the finished result, it’s so adorable, and I’ll probably use it to adorn one of my many sewing projects.

Next up is an attempt at a recipe in my new Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days cookbook. These are mocha cupcakes – flavoured with hot chocolate powder and coffee granules, and topped with (very runny!) chocolate butter icing. I added some Mini Eggs as it’s getting near to Easter, and sprinkled on some excess chocolate sponge. Yes, they look an absolute state (and are nowhere near my usual standards!) but they also taste fantastic. Just goes to show that appearance isn’t everything! I think they look quite artistic – almost effortless cool…

And finally is a project that, for the moment, I can’t upload photos of to this blog. I’m planning an Italian themed murder mystery for my friends in their university Easter holidays, and spent all morning creating Italian flag bunting and place-names. I also have a red check table cloth, party bags and a 3-course meal planned. Pictures of my crafts will be uploaded in due course (as for now it has to be a secret from wandering eyes)- but fingers crossed it all goes to plan!


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